Earn Money towards Closing Costs While You Rent!

  • $1,000 Sign-up Bonus
  • Earn Funds While You Rent
  • Apply Funds to Your Closing Costs
  • Or Apply Funds Toward Downpayment
  • Your Account Never Expires
  • Start Building Your Account Today!
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How it Works:

10% of your monthly lease or rental amount EVERY MONTH is credited to apply to your closing costs when you are ready to purchase a home. This costs you nothing and your account will never expire – use the funds that accrue while you are renting whenever you are ready!


If your rent is $1,000 a month, in one year you will have paid $12,000.

10% of $12,000 = $1,200. In one year, $1,200 will be available to you to apply to closing costs.

If you rent for two years, you will have earned $2,400 to apply to your home purchase;

if you rent for three years, you will have earned $3,600 to apply to your home purchase.

It’s that simple! Don’t throw money away! Sign up today!


Is there a limitation?

There are only two limitations:

1.) Funds will build up for you for as long as you are renting and signed up for the Apartments2Homes Equity Builder Program.

2.) The amount of funds that will be paid out of your account will not exceed the amount of closing costs when you purchase your home.

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